A few Images from Our Thornton Bales Outing move over a bit Burkes Falls area and move over McKenzie Marsh June 5 2012

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First Let Me say I enjoyed the Outing the Company was Great and the timing weather wise was spotton as always Thank You and as well Ronen picked the theme correctly as the Forest was set out in it's best Autumn Colour ans Being the first time really I have Ventured into these woods I was impressed They are Awesome!



Oh and the subject came up about a particular leaf and I said it was Sandalwood or something with weood in it and the something is called Basswood!!!


Hell to all this Friday the last day of August and a warm one it goes out on, I collected these images last weekend to and from and at a Friends place a bit west of Burkes Falls last weekend, note the interesting rock it looks like petrified trees it is quite a thing to see it is at the foot of what was a major Beaver dam that let loose some time ago which is partly why it is visible at this time anyway Hope You enjoy these!!!

Cheers and Hope All Have a safe and a nice Labour Day Long Weekend 


A Collection of Images taken on June 5th 2012 made possible first By the fact that this wonderful place is there and second the new lens, as it played a part ( as well as the 2x extender ) in this becoming possible and all images are from the 40D, I was there today as well with this arrangement on the 7D but as of this writing have not had opportunity to review them I know I have a few nice images of A Heron in in flight Close up  but that is not for here at this time.

This day saw the small pond totaly covered with the Duckweed the waterfowl were eating lots of it, There seen to be a lot of Blue Herons as well there are a varying number of Trumpeter Swans and the only reason there are any at all is Follow this http://www.swansociety.org/interior-and-atlantic-populations.html

This Town has a few Jems and the Swans as it has become apparent are one of them and the McKenzie Marsh, the Case Woodlot. Sheppard's Bush to name a few.

I Hope You Enjoy a small tour of the Marsh.



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Nice shots!!



Great series of images that you uploaded here! You uploaded so many pictures and I wonder if you ever have time to retouch the images. I think it would be impossible for you to edit them!


I talked to Anna today about a photography project that I'm thinking about shooting. I need both you and Anna to be my models for this particular project.

I recently re-read a famous storybook (wont give this away yet!) and I thought about you and Anna as a main characters while I was reading and had to ask you for a permission. This would be fun! :D




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Hello Moon

First it Is nice to Know You are back and safe and sound.

This set from McKenzie I did in fact do some edits not to all but some but the street sale was put up straight off the Cameras, and it would be hard to edit all of them with the amount I do take, it takes long enough to go though them the McKenzie set was culled from 1600 or so images from on two and a half hour time period it took longer to get it ready to post and to post it then name most all of them.

That sounds like something I would be willing to submit Myself to For the sake of  Your Project and The fun of it at the same Time, You have My Attention and Permission Moon.

Thanks For You Comments about My posts and putting Me in a story You were reading!!!




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Hi Rick,  those are really

Hi Rick,  those are really nice pictures. I like the series of swans images, if you chage them fast it is like a movie.)  And about Moon project, I think something interesting will happen.)))



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Yes This ))) to You To )))

Hello Anna

Sounds Intriguing Anna I have not played the role of anything other than Myself to date so this has Promise of being a Spot of Fun.

Thank You for You Comments of My images Anna, I was trying to make the last few posts like a still movie sort of or a photo Essay and I had more but I do not want to hog all of Ronen's server, I Spoke with Ronen before doing the large posts to see if He was ok with it and He was, it is after all His equipment, at some point I will have to purchase an expansion hard drive so everyone can pour more images into the site, I am enjoying this Quite a bit!!!

Take Care Anna