Downtown trip.

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Thank you everyone, I realy enjoyed the trip and had a chance to see places for the first time. 


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I love your pictures!

Especially, 3 doors on the brick wall. I'm so jealous! lol

I also like the bike and the guy looks like he's working on his sculpture.

Good job, Anna :)




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Good job, Anna.  


Love the doors and staircase and the guy balancing the stones.  Sorry I missed the trip.



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You captured some amazing images. Love seeing how we all captured the similar subject in so many different ways.  

You were right the Bride does look mad :)

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Thank you

Thank you everyone for such a nice comments. I tried . I had much better mood for pictures this time, had a great time.

That bride wasn't happy at all on the happiest day of her life.:-) I posted another bride to compare the faces. 

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Hello Anna 

You had a very Fruitful Outing I See and Like others It would have been nice to have Participated but there were other important things to Attend to.

Well Done Anna!!