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I posted a link to a site I have visited a few times and I find the presentation refreshing and entertaining and He makes Me nervous swinging all that gear around without a tether of any sort but the connection bettween the brain and hand, anyway I hope You find an interesting tidbit or two it could take days to get out again.

further to that I do not know the hosts name yet but as He introduced Chase Jarvis I know that Gentelmans name and well that leads to another day or two of exploring as well. At the very least watch the one about the lego camera at anyrate.

Hope You Enjoy


Ronen Grunberg's picture this video!

Hey Rick thanks for sharing this really fun video.  It's a bit tongue in cheek, but the message is right on.  It's not the equipment that you have, but what you do with it...

I hope you don't mind, but I'm taking the liberty of embedding the video here...

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Hello Doug Hello Ronen

Things seem to have come to life in the past few days hows that? Saying something works sometimes.

Embedding the video was not a problem Ronen.

Doug I had not gotten to those two videos a little radical for sure but it proves the point that We fuss over this stuff to much and if it quits get another one, none of what He did there actually affected the cameras ability to produce an acceptable image and Who would know, as well that was a riot when He took it in to see about fixing it how would You and the counter person keep a straight face about it?

Good to see the link was enjoyed