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Some pictures I enjoy.

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Welcome David

Good to see some pictures of the town posted the Yonge st photo is a throwback to a  photo from the turn of the last century that has a person in ghostly image You of course have the person in a bit more detail, there were railway tracks in thae image I am thinking of the Auroran has run that photo a few times that I am thinking of.

Very Nice



Yonge and Wellington

I recall a picture of the same intersection looking south in the evening during a rainstorm that brought out some nice ghostly reflections and that lovely mural on the south east corner. I tried to capture something similar myself but I could never get the right shutter speed to catch all the streaking lights. It's all in the timing!

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Let the cake lie

Hello Dave

That Doll image is a bit more serene than My Doll images Yours being General admission and Mine Adult Accompaniment. 

Interesting, Who had to make the first cut?



First piece

Hi Rick,

No, my wife made the cake for a customer, so we never got to see the quarrel over who got the first piece. My kids always go for the piece in the middle that has a logo, or superhero, or something interesting, so our cakes never get cut into neat rectangles!

Thanks for your comment!