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Hello Everyone

As some know the Doors open Car Club portion was a bust not to Demean the Individuals that did have Cars there I think there were five and for a moment We thought there were going to be 6 but alas He kept driving right by, I changed the day I take Mom out for Lunch to go for the Walkabout so that I could take in the car show in Lindsay as well but as the two outing were far removed from each other I never gave it any thought while We were out with the Club that perhaps alll or a great deal of the cars had taken off for Lindsay, so if that makes any sense at all without anymore drivel on My part I post some of what I saw at the Show it was like the Street Sale only with Cars.



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Glad to see that you finally

Glad to see that you finally to see some vintage cars and you got some great shots.  I love the skeleton car, it looks like a graffiti pic of Frankenstein on the end!

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Hello Joanne

Reply for Your Comments

I liked that Car as well if one takes aclose look at it beyond the first reaction that it looks like a wreck it is on of those things that is supposed to look that way and it took a lot of work to make it look that good at looking bad.

Thanks Joanne