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Well Hello Everyone even those that have not submited images for the prescibed challenge agreed upon at the last gathering,  I remember there being more than 6 individuals so I would encourage all that have not done so to post!!! 
Joanne D. Seems to have been in a spiritual mood,
Doug U. is torn between the spiritual and an Architectural statment hemed in by politics,
Ronen G.. is making Clain there are storm clouds over the region,
While Rhodri F. has caught the same region in a better light,
and Anna a. has made it four of six with the house of worship theme,
and well I along With Doug stayed in the confines of this town well I think the arch window is in town can't place that though it looks familiar. it is a dance studio now I think.
If asked 
Joanne's first image works well as a silhouette Her second image has lens vignetting or a lens hood off scew.
Doug's second image is nicely detailed and the scew the image is on works could show a bit more,  the Wells street image makes a nice political statement.     ( re: the save wells campaign )
Ronen's image is dark and that works in contrast with other submisions in the gallery nice detail in the concrete and Ronen did not stick to the in town mandate He advocated,
Anna's image shows off the church well, the sky is a bit over blown,
Rhodri's images are all but identical in presentation and not to much to say otherwise other than the colour saturation of the concrete a real change from actual and all without affecting the sky.
I will refrain from commenting on My images that is for others to do.
A few critiques of the gallery images hoping to start something up in the forum again it has stalled for a week or more.
One other item of note is the rule of thirds a very nicley explained in the book from Amazon that Ronen alerted Us to and by My count only three images make that grade Joanne's second post, Dougs first post, and Rhodri's second post it is just something to think about and it can not possibly apply all the time but it in fact does make a better picture more often than not so this should start some thought on that topic as well is it in fact possible to follow this rule all the time.
Regards Rick Armstrong
Photographer on the Loose
Nice job Ronen on the body format as this pasted in and retained the format to a tee that was held in Wordpad not reordering the text, Thanks You Ronen
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Hi Rick,

Hi Rick,

Thanks for this very thoughtful post.  You've got a lot of good insights here.

As far as my image not being in Aurora, you are absolutely correct.  As I understood it though, we agreed that we could venture beyond the Aurora boundaries.  Regardless, the image that I submitted is not one that I'm particularly fond of.  I'm going to make every effort to go out there and get something else before the next meeting.

Your comment that things seem to have stalled somewhat on the forum and in the galleries is absolutely true.  I anticipated that this might happen.  The reality for most people is that life is tvery busy and there is only so much time left for endeavours like a camera club.  It probably gets put on the back burner and then before you know it a month or two have passed and you haven't visited or posted anything online.

Having said this my goal is to get people to visit more often and post more images and critiques online.  If you have any suggestions or strategies as to how to engender this kind of participation, I'm all ears.

As far as the formatting of the forums is concerned I really appreciate that you noticed.  I tweaked things a bit and now the formatting seems to be working a lot better.


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Hello Ronen and once again Thank You.
You are actually the spark that lead to that post with Your critique of Rhodri's crane in flight and that is part of what this is about improving Ourselves though Peer review for one, and as well follow by example.
 but at the same time take Rhodri's crane as the example again there are elements of the crane that are focused the blur in those spots is from the fact the crane is out of the area of acceptable sharpness, Would anyone want to comment on that thought as a reason for the state the bird is in? As well the fact that the sum of the whole was in motion so no image stabalization is going to help that and so that leaves us with the plain truth about this craft that many times it comes down to luck and space and time and the tech that plays along with the whole thing so a lot of things are at play in the recipie for success, as well some images are by virture of the upload restriction not rendered quite the same as the original as well, so We all should take that into account as well, Rhodri should print the picture out and bring it to the thursday Camera club so We can see it in person.
As far as participation levels it does not seem as though it is from fear of people as everyone at the meets seems vocal enough and as well all in all seem a Amiable lot So what to do, well at the meeting the question could be asked of those that have not as to reasons why? it can't hurt to ask perhaps that is one way to discover some reasons better perhaps than guessing, Yes time is one big consideration it takes a bit of time to sit and write a civil conversation about this that and the other and or as You put it to be thoughtfull, and as well speak to be usefull not just fill up lines.
Speaking of time I must close this for now.
Regards Rick
Another perfectly pasted forum post thanks to Ronem's Great Webwork