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Hello To All!
         I have lived in Aurora for a great deal of My  time on this Planet and knew very little of what the Case Woodlot was about  so I thought it was time to clear this Error up, as Kids I remember hacking around there and Salamander Pond was a Favorite Thought in the Mind and once Running around like a Mad Man looking for A Daughter that was claimed to be Lost but Turns out Well that's a story best left between the ears.
Lets Say You Should Visit this Gem overlooked the Trees are Spectacular, no that is not Good Enough They are Really Spectacular Best get in before the Town has some experts say they are all to old or something to that Effect!
         At any rate I have after a few Many of hours and made up this Bunch of Visual Delights in an Effort to Entice You to  Go have a Look, You Know in Person,  if You are into the Out Off Doors You Will not Be Disappointed!
Photographer On the Loose
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