Canon 5D mk111

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So Has anyone taken note that Canon has announced a successor to it's most excelent 5D mk11 it a sad day and a happy day all in one sad that soon some will walk around with one that drops the 5d mk11 out of top dog spot it now holds and has for three years and joins all the other items on the upgrade scrap heap, as well as the price tag it is steep, and happy for the promise of what it can do like in camera HDR, in camera multiple exposure, all things some point and shoots have had for a while but the point and shoots have not a 22 megapixel full frame sensor that bests the previous model by 2.5 frames a second better, its on the wish list.


Rick Armstrong

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Hey Rick,

Hey Rick,

As the two of us have already discussed this is a serious piece of equipment.

I would love to get one of these, but the price tag is over the top.  And getting the camera is really not enough, you must invest in decent glass to make what the camera can do really shine.  Still, I'd love to get one!

Here's a short YouTube video extolling the virtues of this new piece of technology:

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Well Thanks once again Ronen

That was interesting makes Me want one even more now.

Dpreview is a very usefull site and I think it gives a very unbiased review of all it reviews and the list is a long one and it has street cred, getting a sneak peak at a prototype is proof of that bet He did not get to leave with it just bet He didn't.

And Yes it would need a piece of glass it kits with the 25-105L lens but I have two of them but it does go well with that camera so I do not know what other piece of glass would go with it as well as that one so I would need only the body at this point in time, the other item would be the CF and SD card that is going to add large to it because two of each would be requiered and 16mb cards would be in order sd are much cheaper than cf cards are but still that is 500 therabouts and add one battery at 100$.

A lens with the same spec without the pincushion at the 24 end sounds lik thats more than the camera doesn't it?

So You can see from this that one has to think long and hard on it or in the event the 5D mkii packs up which ever occurs first