The Bahamas

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A Vacation in the Bahamas and nearby Nassau. Sonia and I celebrated our 20th Anniversary at the Royal Bahamian Sandals Resort. 

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Your Bahamas Photos

Are well Grand, the aerial photo reminds Us of how tenuous a hold those islands have above the water it is a wonder they are still above water, Thanks for Sharing  Your 20th With Us!!!




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These are all great pictures.

These are all great pictures. I really like your night time and sunset sky pictures, wish I knew how to take pictures at night.  Thank you Doug for sharing!!


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These are all great pictures.

Thanks Anna.

Night shots are easy but do need a tripod or sturdy spot to place your camera.

The sunset image with us in it was tricky since it is a 5 seconds exposure.

I think we should do a low light session at the club. I can show some light painting fun.


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Bahamas Pirate

Happy Anniversary!


Love the b/w pirate shot.  Every time I see someone submit b/w photos, I wonder why I don't take more myself.

Starting today I will take some b/w every time I am out taking pictures.



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Bahamas Pirate

Thanks Linda

I always shoot in color RAW. This way I can decide on B&W in post.

It is really easy in Lightroom and I can just try it and quickly see if it will work in BW.

I plan to do a Lightroom session in the new year for the club and I will demo it for you.