August 12

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Good Grief!!!

Hello Anna!!!

Good Grief that was a while!

That was A good time that Day and You have put together a nice set for all to See, I Especially like Your waterfall it Reminds Me of  Rocket ice Pops.

Thank You Anna Good Work, it is to bad there are no more outings in the Cue.



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Yes it has been a long time

Yes it has been a long time since I last posted anything. Thank you for your comments.

What is Rockets Ice Pops?? (I just never heard of it)

Well I hope we might still have one outing during September. 


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Great Waterfall Image

Hi Anna,

The waterfall image is very nice.  You must have used a relatively slow shutter speed giving the water that silky look.  I don't recall you bringing a tripod so you must have very steady hands.  Or did you have the camera resting on something? 

Good one...


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Thank you Ronen. 

Thank you Ronen. 

The shutter speed on the waterfall image is 1/6, and I believe i put my camera on the railing when I took. 


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You uploaded your images!!

I love your waterfall shot. It's well done!

I'm glad the road scene turned out so nicely.

What about the green moss covered rocks? You know I am looking forward to seeing those images.




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Hi Moon, Yes I did indeed

Hi Moon, Yes I did indeed upload them)))

I like the road image as well. The photo in the forest with moss on the rocks didn't turn out so good.( I cant wait to see images from your film camera.