Art Show at Town Hall This Weekend

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Hey Everyone,

Not sure if everyone knows but there is an art show at Town Hall this weekend.  I had a sneak peek on Thursday when they were setting up and there are some amazing pieces of art.  I also think a lot of the photographs that have been posted could be there so check it out and maybe you guys can contribute next year!

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To Joanne and All in the Club

Thank You Again

     Joanne Are You going again to see what all is there? if so I if You did not get to reading My reply to Your comments about the abandoned images have items submitted F.E.I. For Everyone's Information

I will be there from time to time to see if there was any activity on the sale front!!!




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Just got back from the full

Just got back from the full Art Show and there is some spectacular stuff!  Rick, I saw yours and Claire's art in the Preserve Aurora section.  I love the go-train too, used to commute to TO on that thing, but thank god I got on in Aurora because my the time we hit Rutherford not everyone got a seat!

Claire - is that the same house as one that you posted for the monthly challenge?

Rick - I think that I have seen some of your other prints before :P  I think the winter scene was a new one for me and really caught my eyes with the snow and the shadows.  

I think one of my favourites was photography on canvas print and it was called Red Rolling Poppies or something...the pink of the flowers really popped out.  What were some of your favourites?  I also thought there were some great pieces from the Youth section.

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Art Show

Hello Joanne

Good to hear You made a Visit to the Show, Thanks for Your comments on My work You are speaking about the Mailbox? You may have seen the CN engine I brought it to a Club Meeting  but I have never let the other three out in public before.

Hey are You Joanne and You as well Anna taking Bracketed shots still and have You seen the value in that method yet?

My Favourite aside from Mine was the old house the  ( George Browning House, article in the April 10 Auroran )  in the preserve Aurora category it is the house that was taken down on Yonge St. south of the library on the west side of the street that photograph I purchased that  work, and in the room were the under 17s  Artwork was on display there were two glass covered white frames that had feathers mounted in them with paintings on the feathers Very Nice indeed.

I will have to look for the poppies tomorrow I think I saw them but will look again when I look in on the sales prospects as Sunday progresses.

Regards Joanne & Anna


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Hi Rick,

Hi Rick,

It was an excellent show.  I loved the paintings and photographs.  Clearly a lot of very talented people are living in Aurora.

I really enjoyed the images that you put on display.  In fact, I thought that the image of the mailbox (I think it was a mailbox) was really well done.

Both you and Claire had some impressive work there.

One of the things that I was amazed with was the quality of the youth offerings.  It was all so eclectic and imaginative.

What a great show!

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Aurora Farm Blue's

Yes Joanne this is the same property East of Bayview on St John . It belonged to the Blue Family hence my title !

I am not at all surprised the Town did not choose something showing the unfortunate destruction of the local landscape ... 

Did you see my open acrylic titled Neptune's hand downstairs?


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Hi Claire,

Hi Claire,

I am sure I did see your Acrylic downstairs.  Overall, the first floor was my favourite I really liked a lot of the acrylics and the the mixed media.  Is there anywhere else your art is featured so we can take a look?  Like the cultural centre or somewhere else close??

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Hey Rick,

Hey Rick,

Are you going to be there tomorrow as well?

I wanted to come by today but had too much stuff that needed to get done.

I'll definitely drop by tomorrow.


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Art Show Tomorrow

Yes I drop by from time to time it's a shorter day tomorrow as well it's over at 4 as all have to get there stuff out by five it's an Art jam session, so I can not say We will meet or not unless a time is named and as well My Children are going to go there as well tomorrow, it is still worth the time to go and see all the things People think up to put on media of some sort or another, there is alot of pieces there that are as good and even better than Edward Munches the scream and all most want is a measly 200-400$ I Hope I run into You or an others from the Club there I have not seen that Lady either that You spoke tp at the philosophy Meeting either.

Cheers!!! Ronen


How do You like this impromptu Forum? breaking out here. 

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Meeting People in Sheppard's Bush and the Hall Tract

Hi Ronen

In recent Memory I have told four people about the Club and it would Be nice Maybe to have a Club Card that could be handed out in this circumstance and it would save a lot of explaining and I would be willing to bear the cost of such a thing if this is deemed a good headed idea? Much like I do with that DVD I have but a simple business card format!!

The one Gentleman I ran into had a walking stick That He made into a monopod and He had to use two walking sticks to get it up high enough so I said if He was to show up on the 24th to bring it with Him.



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Hi Rick,

Hi Rick,

That's a great idea...

Let's discuss this possibility at the next meeting.  I think that getting cards these days is very inexpensive.

Excellent thought though. Existing members can carry a few around and hand them out to people who have an interest.

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Doug's Moon

Doug Reminded Us that the Man in the Moon will be larger tonight and I asked Him Were He was if at all planning on meeting it tonight?

Is anyone else planning to view this spectacle?


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art show

i left a mini flower next to your photo to congratulate you.

my husband told me people dont give flowers here for exhibitions but oh well


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Hello Moon

Thank you for the Forget Me Nots Very Nice I have them here at Home.



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Sorry I missed it


Sorry I wasn't able to make it. Would have loved to have seen the printed works.

Busy weekend but did manage some moon shots in the back yard and a KingFisher at McKenzie. Playing with my new lens and a 2X teleconverter.

Did the Half-Marathon today for Team Diabetes so sitting here relaxing and editing photos feels oh so good.

Moon that was a very nice gesture.