APLCC Spring Is Here Challenge

Ronen Grunberg's picture

Hi Everyone,

I hope that you're all doing well and keeping healthy.

I just came from a long walk and with the sun shining and birds singing one thing was clear to me -- Spring is here!

Given the reality of social and physical distancing it's highly unlikely that we're going to have a physical camera club meeting at the library anytime soon.  But this doesn't mean that we need to stop photographing completely.

A while back David Eaton sent me an email suggesting that we have a spring challenge by going out and photographing the flowers of spring as well as anything that captures the mood of spring.  I think that we should absolutely get our cameras out and do this.  You can choose to capture flowers, if you wish, or just the changing landscape as it transitions from winter to spring.  Things are now in the process of blossoming, so this is a perfect time.  From what I understand the York Regional Forest, as well as other trails (for example, Sheppard's Bush) are once again open to the public.

I'm suggesting that we post our images on the APLCC Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/APLCC/

Here's an image that David Eaton sent me to start us off:

If we get enough people posting images, perhaps we can have a club Zoom meeting and discuss our images and our photography plans for the summer.

Looking forward to seeing all your creations.

Stay safe and healthy.


Ronen & the APLCC Steering Committee