APLCC Reminder -- Bring Your Camera

Ronen Grunberg's picture

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick reminder that the camera club will be meeting on April 27 between 7-9pm in the Lebovic Room of the Aurora Public Library.

There are two things on the agenda:

  1. Photographer of the Month -- A very interesting and provocative photographer will be profiled.  I'll leave who it is as a surprise.  All I'll say is that in all likelihood you'll either love this guy or hate him!  And yes, it is a male photographer.  smiley
  2. Exposure Triangle Hands-On Activity -- We'll spend a good part of the meeting taking photographs using the manual mode of the camera.  Please bring your DSLRs and if you can a tripod as well.  I'll only need a few tripods, but I only have one.  So if you have a tripod that you can bring it will definitely be helpful.

Please send any questions to reelstories@rogers.com

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.