APLCC Monthly Challenge -- Summer 2015

Ronen Grunberg's picture

Hi Everyone,

Now that the summer weather is here it's time to take out your cameras and go photo hunting.  There are countless images waiting to be snapped by you!

The "Monthly Challenge" (during the summer it's really the two month challenge laugh ) for the first meeting back on September 24, 2015 is Summer 2015 -- Landscapes/Fun/Bustling City.  This is a fairly open-ended challenge which is meant, essentially, to get all of you APLCC shooters out there clicking away.

In order to promote some interaction amongst members over the summer, I modified the Monthly Challenge Gallery to enable comments.  I also increased the number of images that you can upload to a total of 20.  When we meet again in September I'll ask people to choose their two or three favourite summer images for discussion.

In order to post comments on images, you'll need to access the members' individual Summer 2015 galleries.  You do this by going to the Monthly Challenge Gallery, and then clicking on the "Add/View Comments" option below the gallery thumbnail:

This will take you to the member's individual "Summer 2015" gallery where you'll be able to add as well as view comments.  The goal is to post your images and  comments during the summer months and generate some discussion as well as discuss and/or elaborate on these comments at the next meeting. 

Please be aware that you will only be able to add comments to the "Summer 2015 -- Landscapes/Fun/Bustling City" challenge.  All previous challenges will not be open to comments.

Looking forward to seeing and discussing your summer images.