APLCC Meeting Reminder for March 30, 2017

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Hi Everyone,

A quick reminder that the next APL Camera Club meeting will be held on March 30th between 7-9pm in the Lebovic Room of the Aurora Public Library.


The Monthly Challenge for March 30th is based on the photography of Philippe Halsman, last month's photographer of the month.  As a portrait photographer one of the things that was important to Halsman was to capture the "real" person, to strip away the mask that people often put on in an effort to psychologically protect themselves from the world.  The ultimate goal in a portrait, Halsman argued, is to capture the essence of a person, to show the person as he/she really is.  Halsman developed a technique he named Jumpology where he had people jump and he would then capture their image mid-air.  He argued that the concentration involved in jumping  forced people to strip away the mask and reveal their "true self".

So the Monthly Challenge for the upcoming meeting is one or both of the following:  Jumpology (that's right, get someone to jump and capture their image mid-air) and Essence (You can photograph an object or a person (minus the jump) where the goal is to capture the essence of the object or person)

Here are a couple of YouTube videos that may help:

1.  Here's a short interview with Halsman conducted by a young Leonard Nimoy on Jumpology...

2.  Here's a longer version of the above interview where Halsman goes into some detail about his photographs...

3.  Here's a video that I made on Halsman for my YouTube channel...

The Monthly Challenge Gallery is prepared to accept your images.   Looking forward to see what you come up with.

I'll be sending a full itinerary a couple of days before the meeting.

See you on March 30th.


You can also read this newsletter on the APLCC website by clicking here.