APL Camera Club Upcoming Events

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Hi Everyone,

Just a quick heads up on some of the upcoming events at the APL Camera Club:


The next Monthly Challenge (which, because we have two presenters in April will actually be for the May meeting)  is based on the photography of Edward Weston.

Weston believes that photography is an art form and that the camera has the ability to capture the thing itself, the essence of what a thing is.  The art of photography involves presenting the photographic subject -- whatever it may be -- in terms of its basic reality -- shape, line,  and form -- which, according to Weston gives insight to the essence of the thing.

Weston believes that even very ordinary objects have great beauty, especially when the photographer focuses on line, shape and form.  It is by looking closely at this aspect of an object being photographed that we see its beauty.

Weston photographed anything and everything.  He is famous for his images of vegetables (especially peppers) and his nudes.

For this Monthly Challenge your goal is to focus on line,shape, and form in order to capture the essence of something in the style of Edward Weston.  Here are the two options:

  • Essential Veggie...focus on form, lines, essence.
  • Quintessential Something...focus on form, lines, essence...but focus on any object you want.

Go to the PowerPoint presentation (which was presented at the last meeting) for more information on Weston and his ideas.


We're lucky to have two presenters for the April 24 meeting.

  1. Doug Underwood will be doing a session on Workflow with Lightroom.
  2. Larry Rezka will present his photographs and will discuss the ideas and techniques underlying his images.  See some examples of Larry Rezka's work.


For those of you who are not aware, the APLCC Then/Now photographs are now on display at the Aurora Town Hall.  They will be there until April 29.  Also, the Auroran had an article on the APLCC's upcoming Art at the Manor exhibition at Hillary House (as well as a mention of the Town Hall exhibition) in the last issue.  If you haven't seen the article yet you can download it from here.


William Varela sent me an email and asked me to let everyone know that the first of four consecutive total lunar eclipses takes place on the night of April 14-15, with excellent viewing prospects all across the U.S. and Canada.  For those of you who don't mind going out in the early hours, this might be a good opportunity for photographing star trails.  To find out more you can visit this website

Looking forward to seeing you all on April 24.