APL Camera Club Meets This Thursday (February 22) at 7:00pm

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Hi Everyone,

The APL Camera Club will be meeting this Thursday (February 22) at 7:00pm in the Magna Room of the Aurora Public Library.


Before I give you more information on the agenda for this Thursday I need to let you know that the camera club's server was down for a few days because of a hard drive malfunction.  Things are back up now, but unfortunately the backup that I used to rebuild the server was from about a month and a half ago, which means that some stuff that was recently uploaded was lost.  Basically all the images uploaded for the February Monthly Challenge will need to be re uploaded.  So if you've already uploaded your images please go back and upload them again.


The following is the itinerary for the upcoming meeting:

  • Monthly Challenge critique -- One Light Portraiture
  • Rhodri Ford Presentation -- Winter Photography: Tips and Inspiration
  • Ronen Grunberg Presentation -- Spirographs Light Painting


For the Monthly Challenge you are to upload a maximum of two images.  The first should be the untouched image right out of the camera, and the second should be the same image but with any post-processing that you might have done.

If you were not at the one light portraiture workshop but would still like to participate in the Monthly Challenge you can take either a self-portrait, or a portrait of someone you know.  You can use any light source that you have at your disposal with the ultimate goal of getting some interesting lighting on your subject.  Avoid flat and monotonous lighting.

If you're not entirely clear on the post-processing workflow, Angela Durante Dukat created four videos that will give you some ideas.  You can find the videos here:


Barry: Fine Art Portrait Edit

Doug 1: Fine Art Portrait Edit

Doug 2: Fine Art Portrait Edit

Pat: Editorial Portrait Edit


If you can't remember all the details on how to upload your images to the Monthly Challenge Gallery here's a link that will walk you through the steps.

The URL of the APL Camera Club website is http://aplcc.ca

Looking forward to seeing your portraits.

Please feel free to email me with any questions you might have.

Take care,

Ronen and the Steering Committee