APL Camera Club Meeting Reminder -- November 28, 2019

Ronen Grunberg's picture

Hi Everyone,

Thank you to everyone who attended the first meeting on November 14.

As I mentioned then, we will be having two meetings this month with the next scheduled meeting being on November 28 between 7-9pm in the Magna Room of the Aurora Public Library.

Given the close proximity of the two meetings this month I suggest that we do something that we haven't done for a couple of years -- have a holiday social.  This will give us an opportunity to get reacquinted and chat with one another about our photographic adventures.  If you have any questions about photography gear, or if you're working on a photography project, come and share your ideas in an informal and friendly atmosphere.  We'll also have a Q & A session where people in the know may be able to answer your questions.

As far as food is concerned, what's a party without some snacks?  I suggest that everyone contribute a small snack-type food that we can munch on -- a bag of potatoe chips, cookies, whatever you see fit.  Be prepared to take whatever is left over back home with you.

I'm going to ask people for an RSVP just so that we know how many people we can expect.


We will not be having a meeting in December, as it falls on Boxing Day.  The next official meeting after November 28 will be in January 2, 2020.


Given that there is no meeting in December we all have a lot of time to prepare for the Monthly Challenge.  As mentioned at the last meeting the next challenge is either Food/Minimalism or just Minimalism. The basic idea here is that you keep the number of elements in the shot to a bare minimum.  Stephen Morley sent me a great link that illustrates the idea of minimalism beautifully.  Here's a link:


If you have any questions about this challenge please email me at reelstories@rogers.com.

Looking forward to seeing you all on the 28th of November.


Ronen & the APL Camera Club Steering Committee