APL Camera Club Meeting Reminder -- January 30, 2020

Ronen Grunberg's picture

Hi Everyone,

This is a quick reminder that the next APL Camera Club meeting will be held on January 30, between 7-9 pm in the Magna Room of the Aurora Public Library.

For this meeting we're planning a hands-on workshop on editing your photographs.  We will have stations set up throughout the room and we'll take you on step-by-step journey showing you how to take your photos from blah to wow...

Everyone is welcome to participate in this workshop but we are asking all participants to do the following:

  1. Bring 3-4 of your own images to edit.
  2. Your images must be on a USB flash drive.  Please do not bring images on SD cards, as we have no way to put them on the computer.
  3. If you have your own laptop please bring that along, as we have a limited number of library-borrowed laptops to use.
  4. Please download and install Adobe Lightroom on your laptop.  Make sure that you download the Lightroom Classic version, as this is the one that we'll be using for the workshop.  Adobe will allow you to use this software for 7days.  I recommend downloading and installing 2-3 days before the meeting.  You can download the Adobe Lightroom Classic here.
  5. Given the nature of this meeting an RSVP would be appreciated.

If you have any questions please email me at reelstories@rogers.com.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Thursday January 30.


Ronen & the APLCC Steering Committee