Any other Panasonic camera owners in the club?

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I recently acquired a Panasonic GX1 and am still learning to handle some of its features. I'm also thinking of getting a small Panasonic pocket camera for summer canoeing and camping. Does anyone in the club have experience with either types of Panasonic cameras?

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Hi Barry,

Hi Barry,

I actually have the Panasonic GH1, which is a great camera.  It's a mirrorless DSLR and takes great photographs.  This camera is a couple of years old.  I believe that Panasonic is now making the GH3.

From what I understand the GX1 is a great camera as well.  I certainly haven't been disappointed with Panasonic.  My GH1 also came with a fantastic 14-140mm lens which is very sharp and produces great images.