Another Great Day

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It has Been and Was a Pleasure to Have spent the Day With All that Were Present Saturday!!! & Ronen Picked a very Nice place to Eat in Butlers Pantry all in all a Day to Remember.


Cheers Rick

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The Feel of the Place


Very impressive images.  Your photos really capture the feel of the place.  I like the way you focused on individual items and got in close and tight.

I also like the processing you did on some of your images--for example on Mini Petronis.


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books and downhill run

I love the books laying on the retaining wall. It's different!

You didnt forget to take a picture of my manual camera, eh?  ;)

I like Downhill run as well. Good thing you caught it on your camera when no one saw it!

Street musician (accordion) shot is interesting.


Curtis and I had a good laugh over the two pictures-"I hear something" and "Me too".

Very funny.


"On a wall" looks good! I love how you muted everything except yellow.

Overall, I really enjoyed your outing photos. You are a professional, Rick!



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Hi Moon


I take this moment to thank You for Your Comments they are Very Much appreciated and Accepted, I am Pleased You enjoyed the posting.