About APLCC_Old

The principal goal of the Aurora Camera Club is to bring together people who share a common interest in photography and who would like to share and learn from others.  In this respect the aim of the club is to engage in activities that will encourage a better understanding of the technical and artistic aspects of photography with the ultimate goal of becoming a great photographer.


My name is Ronen Grunberg and I started the APLCC.   I decided to pitch a camera club to the Aurora Public Library because I was sure that there were many people locally, who like me, were into photography and who would love to share their knowledge and their photographic creations with others.  After searching a bit I realized that Aurora did not have such a club and that it would be a great idea to start a new one.  I pitched the idea to the library and they accepted.  And so the Aurora Public Library Camera Club (also known as APLCC) was born.


The APLCC is open to all, from beginning photographers to professionals.  There is no expectation of prior knowledge, or even prior interest in photography.  It is my hope that the club will be a welcoming place where an atmosphere that is non-judgmental and non-competitive will be the norm and where there will be a common goal to learn, connect, and create.


The APLCC meets on the last Thursday of every month at the Aurora Public Library's Lebovic Room.