3D Pictures

I would like to add some 3D pictures that I took in the past months to this collection.  Dont forget your red - blue glasses



About these 3D pictures:

You don’t need to buy special (expensive) 3D camera, you can use your own camera to take the photos.

How? Take 2 pictures of the same object; one picture for the left eye, one for the right one.

For the second picture shift a little (5 to 10 mm) and shoot again.  For  a close up images I do recommend tripod.

Now that you have these 2 images use the program Stereo Photo Maker. The link to download is posted on link sections.  This is a Marvelous program and it is FREE!

Now that you have the program;  open the right and left images.  Then choose color anaglyph (3rd color box on top) from this box Optimized anaglyph must be choosen

Then Auto for auto alignment and save the picture

Hint:  To see the more realistic pictures with no computer borders press F11; when finished press F11 to return to normal state

Hint 2: In case that you need to process the photo, do it with the new 3D image instead of the left and right 2D images

Last but not least: You need red /cyan glasses. If you don’t have a pair , Dollorama has 3D childrens books that come with theses glasses. 



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3D picture in the mountains

It reminds Me of a scene in Star Trek when Kirk is fighting the Character Finnegan in the episode Shore Leave, or a few other I think they used the same hill 8 or nine times, funny what the mind thinks of from things it sees,

I am going to have to start wearing those glasses all the time here to decipher the fuzzy pictures there are hard on the eyes without such protection.

Were was that shot taken William?



The flowers was taken in

The flowers was taken in Aurora,  the first 3 landscapes in California and the last old house in Kleinburg

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That's Really Cool...

Hi Will,

That's really cool.  I just happen to have the glasses and it works very well.  The purple flower looks like it's coming right out of the screen.

Thanks for taking the time to explain how to do it and for posting a link to the program.  I'm going to have to try it out...