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Rick Armstrong's 21 Days in my Truck Exhibition

Rick Armstrong has driven across the country in his truck, photographing the landscapes of Canada as he experiences them in the moment. For Armstrong, the moment is everything, because the next time you come back, the landscape is never the same. The images in this photographic journey are from a 21-day circuit through Ontario, Quebec, Labrador and Newfoundland. Most of the frames used in mounting the exhibit were lovingly crafted by hand. Colleen Abbott Gallery January 7 - February 10, 2019

Autumn in Ontario

The palette of Autumn colours in Ontario is mesmerizing. I want to share photos that I took in Algonquin Park, the Muskoka region and Southern Ontario. The pictures inspire me to create a composition. Hope you enjoy it

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David Dunlap Observatory By Drone

Over the past couple of weeks Doug Underwood and I captured some drone footage of the David Dunlap Observatory using our Phantom 3 drones.  Many of the shots were taken by Doug (the more experienced drone pilot) but I was able to contribute some shots as well.  Flying the Phantom 3 is a lot of fun and the video you can get with it is really quite amazing.


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Aurora Neighborhood Timelapse

One of my goals this summer was to learn how to do time lapse videos.  I've always loved the aesthetic of this kind of photography and this summer I made it a point to learn how to do it properly.  In the past I did a bit of time lapse (using the cheat method) by speeding up video.  This, however, did not have the aesthetic possibilities (for example dragging the shutter) of taking one photo at a time and then compiling the photos into a video.


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