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Canada Day 2015 Timelapse Test

This short time lapse video was my first attempt at doing time lapse that was based on still images and not simply speeding up video.  Basically it was a test to learn the time lapse workflow.
I did not  use any "drag the shutter" techniques which accounts for the "jumpy" look of the video and people popping in and out of the frame.
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Ripley's Aquarium Visit December 31, 2013

This was my first visit to the new Ripley's Aquarium.  This was a family visit, so didn't really have a lot of opportunity to do serious photography and videography.  Regardless, I did manage to get some material which I compiled into the following video.

This was a very quick edit using Adobe Premiere CS6.  The camera used to shoot the video was the Panasonic GH1.

I hope you enjoy the result.


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Cheltenham Badlands

I put together a short video from the footage and the photos that I took while at the Cheltenham Badlands walkabout.  My goal with this was to give the impression of an unearthly place, perhaps what it would be like to walk on Mars.  The music is The Approaching Light by John Stanford.  It is dramatic and gives the feel of an otherworldly place.

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McKenzie Marsh Afternoon

This is a bit of a test for the 5d mark ii. The day I filmed this footage was excruciatingly hot! I stayed out for about an hour and it was all I could take.

The settings on the camera are the suggested settings for video. Video seems a bit soft, but that's because the sharpening is all the way down on the camera. Sharpened the video a bit in post production.

Great camera but need to do a bit more learning and testing.

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Moon's Secret Garden Project

As some of you know Moon came up with a conceptual photo idea based on the novel "The Secret Garden".

On Saturday July 7, 2012, a few members of the APLCC, as well as a couple of volunteers participated in bringing to life Moon's conceptual photo vision.

This video is a musical montage of the event.

To get a closer look at Moon's photos go to her gallery page.

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Dunlap Observatory


Located in Richmond Hill, the David Dunlap Observatory has been instrumental in astronomical research and exploration. This short video was shot on July 13, 2011 around 4pm. Unfortunately I was very absent-minded and only brought one quarter-charged battery, which ran out within 20 minutes of starting to shoot. This is why the video is rather sparse.

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Edwards Gardens


Spent an afternoon at Edwards Gardens and shot some hand held video with the GH1. I had a tripod with me but unfortunately I forgot to bring an adapter that would allow me to mount the GH1.

Because it was hand held the footage was quite shaky. Was not very good really. I decided to use the opportunity to use Adobe's Warp Stabilizer. I simply used the default options with all the clips. The end result was quite impressive. Most of the unpleasant shakiness was removed. The plugin retains just a bit of motion, which is quite pleasing actually.

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Don Valley Brickworks

The Don Valley Brickworks is an abandoned quarry and industrial site located in the Don River valley in Toronto, Ontario.

The Don Valley Brickworks operated for nearly 100 years and produced bricks to construct many Toronto landmarks as well as many buildings in the Toronto area.

The Brickworks is currently undergoing restoration to make it more accessible to the public. Let's just hope that when it opens in September 2010 it won't be turned into something that will have lost its distinctive character.


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